Ann Conway


Ann Conway is a wife, mother and gifted communicator.  Ann and her husband, Sam taught and worked with various ministries for over thirty years having been significantly involved with the NASCAR racing community, both in work and ministry.

With her humorous and compelling demeanor, Ann has been speaking to audiences of all ages, sizes and backgrounds for several years. She has been a guest speaker on the  “Family Life Today” Radio Broadcast with Dennis Rainey,  a guest speaker at Moody Press in Chicago, and continues to be a featured speaker for city-wide outreach programs and women's conferences.


This vivacious and contagiously enthusiastic woman communicates the love God in a manner that really gets women’s attention. In an uncommon transparency, sharing from personal experiences, she speaks with a dynamic, making women feel as though they are sitting across the table from her with a cup of tea.

Ann’s message will leave you challenged and encouraged as you work through emotional hardship and navigate this journey called life at Reviving the Beloved Within and beyond.