Seminar Descriptions

Topic: How to Keep a Pure Mind 

Synopsis: In today's society everything seems to be driven towards a sexual nature from the ads in magazines to the movies we watch. How do we as women keep our minds focused on positive thoughts and stay on a positive path without falling into these sexual traps that can eventually lead us down a potentially negative path? This Seminar  will address these questions and more.


Topic: How Physical Fitness Affects Emotional Wellness & Depression 

Synopsis: How does one become/stay physically charged while being spiritually/mentally charged. We often spend time taking care of everyone and everything else…at times neglecting our health. How do we as women find time to keep ourselves physically healthy, which in turn leads to stronger mental health. How exactly does emotional wellness affect real hardships like depression? What role does exercise play in emotional health? If you  like many others have been wrestling with some of this, than this is the Seminar for you! 


Panel Topic: Learning to Be Free -- Becoming Authentically me

4 Women will share their stories followed by Q & A.

Overcoming Shame – How I  Overcame Shame 

Overcoming Self-Hate and Loving your Inner self 

Growing in Authenticity & Vulnerability

 The Role of Scripture in Growing Self-Confidence 

Topic: Growing in Authenticity & Vulnerability (Men Only) 

Synopsis: In our society guidelines are presented and set us up to have perceived ideas of how men ought to act, what to say and how to feel. This false pretense deters us from our God designed purpose and interferes with our ability to truly connect with  our authentic self and who we were destined to be.  This "For Men Only" will be a safe space for men to engage in transparency and be challenged towards emotionally healthy living. 

 Topic: Resolving Conflict

 Synopsis: This Seminar is geared towards helping attendees (both women and men) learn how to resolve conflict in their relationships. Regardless of the relationship you find yourself, the principles and key to resolving conflicts remain the same. Communicating, listening without interruption, learning to show empathy and more will be addressed in this Seminar. Presented by a powerful husband-wife team, relationship areas covered will include Friendships, Marriages, Relationships, Blended Families and more.  


Topic: Healing from Betrayal

 Synopsis: Betrayal can be one of the most painful human experiences. Whether you are betrayed by a friend, partner or family member, feeling like a bond of trust is broken can cause emotional chaos. Betrayal can be paralyzing, instill fear and may impede future relationships caused by shame and humiliation.  Even though betrayal may cut to the core, there are actions you can take to find healing.  Learn in this Seminar how the aftermath of betrayal can lead to growth and forgiveness  and can be a door to healing, leading to a greater, more authentic freedom.  

Topic: How to recognize Emotional Abuse 

Synopsis: Emotional abuse is elusive. In contrast to physical abuse, those involved in emotional abuse may not be aware that its happening. The pain of feeling emotional abuse can heighten when you feel unsure whether what you are experiencing is normal or okay. Emotional abuse can happen among various relational dynamics including parent and child, husband and wife, friends and relatives. For those experiencing emotional abuse or looking on, it can be difficult to spot and even harder to  know what to do about it. This Seminar will help identify common characteristics of emotional abuse  and share resources to empower freedom.